Courses and Events

We have several courses and events that run through the year to help and equip you practically in life and to connect you with others in the local community.

The RCI Life Shift Courses are designed to help you “move out” of crisis and “move into” a better future. Courses include From ‘Depression to Hope’ for men and women, ‘Habits 4 Health’, the ‘Parenting Course’ and ‘CAP Money’. Designed to practically assist, these courses will run several times throughout the year.

Each year, Reach Community Initiatives runs various events designed to help you connect with your community. Notably, our ‘Single Mums’ Day’ and our free ‘Community Christmas Dinner’ have had a significant impact in the Ryde community.

More information regarding upcoming events is found here, or alternatively you can contact RCI on (02) 9807 2500.

  • Depression to Hope for Women
  • Depression to Hope for Men
  • Habits 4 Health
  • Parenting Course
  • CAP Money
  • Moving on in Loss and Grief
  • Christmas Community Dinner

Community Services

If you are in need of help or support, you can contact RCI to utilise any of the services outlined.

In addition, RCI is willing to support you in accessing other local community services in order to meet your need.

RCI eligibility criteria will apply and service is available Monday to Thursday, 10am to 4pm. Agencies may call for appointments outside of these hours if needed.

To make an appointment please call (02) 9807 2500

CAP Money & CAP Youth are run at varying times during the year. These free courses are aimed at helping educate people on how to organise their finances better.

Contact us for upcoming course times.

Young People

Reach Community Initatives has a number of programs that are specifically for young people.

RCI has been working in shopping centres, schools and TAFEs for several years and has helped many young people navigate difficult situations and move into a better future.

For more information on these programs, contact RCI on (02) 9807 2500.

An after school drop-in space for high school aged young people. We are open from 3pm – 5pm on Monday afternoons all throughout the school term.
A place for students to come and study, play games, eat or chill.

We are located at 89 Blaxland Rd, Ryde, for more information contact us

Focusing on welfare needs of students in the Ryde area, Student Welfare Workers assist school staff in developing the whole identity of students, including the emotional, social and spiritual domains as well as their academic abilities. Support and guidance for students is provided in a way that compliments the staff and current programs at the school.

Chaplaincy Services are part of the National School Chaplaincy Program and are funded through the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.

Reach Community Initiatives has partnered with Meadowbank TAFE to identify youth at risk, engaging them in a focused group activity. Receiving referrals from local high schools, the group creates a context for young people to learn new skills, form positive relationships with youth and community workers, business leaders and police youth liaison officers.

Students who have previously completed the course have learnt new skills and strategies to relate positively within their school environment and community. Participants are more likely to stay on in school and less likely to become involved in antisocial or criminal behaviour.

RAP is a resilience program for youth aimed at building self awareness, emotional composure and effective coping strategies. The program creates awareness of the links between thoughts, emotion and behaviours allowing young people to gain greater control over their thoughts, feelings and actions within personal, peer and social contexts.