Emergency Food Parcels

Each week we provide Emergency Food Parcels to people in need within our local area and beyond. There is no referral necessary, but we do work with

local support agencies to accommodate special circumstances.

Each food parcel is filled with non-perishable items and can be supplemented with additional items if need be. Regularly we have donated fresh fruit, vegetables and bread available which we can also add to a person or family’s hamper.

There are no income or benefits restrictions to our assistance, so we welcome all who are in need. Our emergency food parcel service is open Monday to Thursday between 10am and 4pm and we unfortunately do not provide a delivery service.

We do have a supply of other donated goods and clothing which we can access for supporting people that have diverse or specific needs.

We do not provide any direct financial support, however on a case by case basis we may provide in-kind support.

Youth Space

Each Monday afternoon during school term we operate a free youth drop in centre. This is open to all school aged children, but primarily focussed on high school children. The drop in centre is open from 3pm – 5pm and provides a safe, fun and friendly buffer zone between school and home. Bottled water and snacks, including fruit, are available for all young people. Table tennis, 3 on 3 basketball and video and card games are available for students to relax during this time. Staffed by our own team of Youth Workers and Youth Volunteers the centre also provides an opportunity for study time, and personal mentoring for any students needing that support.

Students can call in for some food, a break from other students or to fill in time before heading home, rather than hanging in the shopping centre. We know that many students that come may not have had access to food, or have had a traumatic day at school or on the bus, and our focus is to provide an opportunity to refresh and rest to be ready for the next day.

Direct intervention through peer relationships and to school welfare teams is always available for students if they seek support.

Welfare Team Support

Reach community Initiatives has provided support to local school communities for over 10 years. Our school chaplains and welfare support teams have been present in schools and the families of students, helping them navigate traumatic and stressful circumstances to improve learning outcomes and building the school community. This can be implemented in many different ways and we find that working with every school requires a personalised approach. Some welfare teams need help just for a season or a particular project, others need more long term assistance, whatever it may be we are willing to discuss and tailor a solution to work for us both.


Student mentoring, resilience building and many other emotional and physical needs can be met with a partnership between a school and RCI. Your welfare team knows your student needs best, but sometimes you need an extra pair of hands to make that happen and we can work within your budgetary restrictions. Chat to our team so that we can help you assist your students.