Courses and Events

We have several courses and events that run through the year to help and equip you practically in life and to connect you with others in the local community.

The RCI Life Shift Courses are designed to help you “move out” of crisis and “move into” a better future. Courses include From ‘Depression to Hope’ for men and women, ‘Habits 4 Health’, the ‘Parenting Course’ and ‘CAP Money’. Designed to practically assist, these courses will run several times throughout the year.

Each year, Reach Community Initiatives runs various events designed to help you connect with your community. Notably, our ‘Single Mums’ Day’ and our free ‘Community Christmas Dinner’ have had a significant impact in the Ryde community.

More information regarding upcoming events is found here, or alternatively you can contact RCI on (02) 9807 2500.

  • Depression to Hope for Women
  • Depression to Hope for Men
  • Habits 4 Health
  • Parenting Course
  • CAP Money
  • Moving on in Loss and Grief
  • Christmas Community Dinner